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Daniel E. Greene: Portrait of a Palette

Daniel E. Greene: Portrait of a Palette

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To read about Daniel E. Greene’s artwork and palette, see the April 2003 issue of Magazine. Here are some pieces that didn’t appear with the article.

The Watchman (oil, 72×50)

Papaya King—Harry (pastel, 25×19)

Benjamin Cayetano, Governor of Hawaii (oil, 48×36)

Rhona (oil, 10×8)

Auction Study—Robert (oil, 14×18)

Susan Webb Tregay?s career as an artist and instructor has been expansive. With a master?s degree in education, she has taught workshops for colleges and clubs around the country and in Canada. Her paintings have been published in seven books, including Nita Leland?s Exploring Color (North Light Books). Tregay?s work appears in 34 corporate collections, including the Arches and Rives Paper Co. in Greenwich, Connecticut, and her solo show traveled to seven venues in 1997 and 1998. A signature member of both the National Watercolor Society and the Midwest Watercolor Society, she lives and works in Buffalo, New York, and her work can be seen at and

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