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Time to Paint Watercolor Landscapes!

Time to Paint Watercolor Landscapes!

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Watercolor Landscape Painting Essentials with Johannes Vloothuis

New to watercolor painting but always wanted to try? You’re in luck, because this video gives you all the knowledge you need to get started working with watercolors to paint vibrant, beautiful landscapes. You’ll learn the basics of color mixing that will be so easy you’ll wonder why it took you so long to grab a brush. Then, you’ll learn some of the easiest techniques for creating everything from clouds, trees and bushes to buildings and manmade elements. From mountains to seascapes and everything in between, you’re going to enjoy learning to paint watercolor landscapes with this video.

So, why buy this video in particular?

Easy: it’s accessible to people with all levels of experience. Beginners have a lot to learn, but the techniques and practical painting demonstrations serve as good reminders for more experienced painters trying their hands at a different medium or subject, especially when it comes to breaking down color into hue, value and tone. Besides, there’s a reason his videos are getting rave reviews: Johannes’ instruction rivals his painting — he makes both seem effortless and a whole lotta fun!

From user Nancy: “Chock full of information and tips. A great video. The clock color mixing instruction is alone worth the price.

Preview the video to learn tips for color mixing for a beautiful range of hues (plus Johannes’ favorite colors to use for landscape painting), how to paint wet-into-wet, brushwork for painting trees, a handy way to incorporate pan pastels to add mist and fog to your seascapes, and more. Then, visit ArtistsNetwork.TV and the Watercolor Landscape Painting Essentials page for materials lists, reviews, and more. If you prefer DVDs or downloads instead, we’ve gotcha covered. Just hit up to purchase the vids.

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