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How to Draw a Dog in Pastel Pencil

How to Draw a Dog in Pastel Pencil

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How to Draw a Dog
I admit it: I’m one of those people whose Facebook is filled with pictures of my dog. But she has so many expressions and habits that really show her personality that it’s hard not to want to post another, even as she’s looking at me with an expression that says she’s so over it, or, “Feed me, already.” I’ve sketched her a few times, too, though I’m not as keen to post those — I want to make sure I do her justice!

I’m far from being the only person who wants to capture the personality of my pup, and with Colin Bradley’s video, How to Draw Paint Dogs in Pastel Pencil, you can also learn how to draw a dog and capture their vitality and all the details that will do your own dog portraits justice. Short-haired, long-haired, floppy ears or alert, Colin demonstrates different variations in each of his three art lessons and offers painting tips for working in pastel pencil.

  • Features:
    Three demonstrations for painting dogs: a short-haired basset hound, a long-haired white dog, and a German shepherd.
  • Pastel pencil techniques for drawing and painting, from creating a strong line drawing to layering and blending, and more
  • Lessons that cover how to draw eyes, noses, ears, hair, and other details that give life and personality to your dog portraits

After watching Colin’s demonstrations, I’m feeling a bit more confident that my next round of drawing and painting my malamute will be more of a likeness.

Preview the video now to learn how to paint eyes that really shine with light. Then, head over to to see the full-length video for all three dog demonstrations.

Would you rather learn how to draw a cat instead? Colin Bradley has you covered! And check out these free art lessons for more on how to draw both!

Watch the video: How to Draw a Dogs Eye in Pastel Pencils (August 2022).