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Painting Flowers in Watercolor Art

Painting Flowers in Watercolor Art

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Let’s face it: some days are better than others. But on days that seem a bit stressful or dreary, why not loosen up by painting flowers in watercolor? Cheer yourself up with the painting techniques and great composition tips of Charles Reid.

Reid’s video, Painting Flowers in Watercolor, part 1, covers the basics for all your watercolor painting needs, plus a few you didn’t know you needed. With an obvious focus on painting flowers, Reid nonetheless delivers great painting tips for watercolor art of all kinds of subjects, from color mixing and composition, to brushstrokes, saving the whites, and making use of your negative spaces.

But the big reason for watching this video is to learn the fun, easy ways of painting flowers, for a lovely result that is guaranteed to make your day brighter (even if it was already bright)! You don’t have to be having a bad day to get the benefits of flowers, but why not make the most of it? It’s a great excuse for stopping to smell the roses, or lilacs, or buying a bundle of sunflowers, with long-lasting results. After all, flowers in a painting don’t ever wilt or die.

You can take advantage of the benefits of Painting Flowers in Watercolor, part 1, with this excerpt, which demonstrates how color can help you develop your composition, then watch the full video at or buy the download at!

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