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How to Use Hand Lettering for This Year’s Holiday Cards

How to Use Hand Lettering for This Year’s Holiday Cards

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The look of hand lettering can be seen everywhere you turn these days. Consider having fun with hand lettering this year as you think about making your own holiday cards to share with friends and loved ones.

Hand Lettering is Not Scary!

Hand lettering is not the same thing as handwriting. Whether or not you love your own handwriting, hand letting is a creative process you can enjoy and it can be as approachable as sketching and doodling if you want it to be. Yes, just as there are professionals with any creative outlet, there are artists who have a passion for hand lettering and do amazing work. But don’t let inexperience stop you from playing with this fun process. It’s perfect for simple and sweet holiday cards.

One Word Works!

All you really need for a great card is an endearing single word (or sometimes two). We’re all familiar with words of the season such as joy, hope, peace and snow. Think of a word that embodies the message you’d like to share this year and maybe it’s two words, but keep it simple. There’s a lot of powerful punch in a just one word.

Hand Letting How-To

I’ll share with you here, two quick approaches—the modern calligraphy look and artful hand-drawn letterforms.

What You Need

blank card

eraser (white is best)


permanent pens (I used a Sharpie and a few sizes of Pigma Micron pens)

other materials to embellish your word (optional)

ruler (optional)

The Modern Calligraphy Look

Hand-Drawn Letterforms

Other Ideas

Here are some other very simple approaches to using hand lettering for your holiday cards.

Hopefully, by now you’re inspired to try hand lettering a few cards as we approach the holidays. Making your own cards is so rewarding and a great way to relax during what can otherwise sometimes get a bit crazy. Those who receive your cards will feel extra special, too.

If you love the idea of adding hand lettering to your art, and you’re looking for additional inspiration, you might enjoy Lesley Riley’s book Creative Lettering Workshop.

Watch the video: Hand Lettering in a Circle Shape FineTec Pearl Watercolors (August 2022).